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Kollam was an erstwhile centre of trade on the Malabar Coast in ancient times. Kollam Backwaters tours echo the true spirit of Kerala tourism in recent times. Kollam is located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake that is the gateway to the glistening Kerala backwaters 7 Houseboat cruise. The Lake embracing eight streams covers a major portion of Kollam. Kollam Houseboat Backwaters cruises make for a delightful experience. You can capture amazing sights of canals, blooming water lilies, the raucous songs of birds from the banks and the unpretentious village life of kerala

This historic coastline district known for its marine and cashew industries was one of the oldest ports on the Malabar coast and a major international trading point in Kerala .30% of this town is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi Lake, making it the gateway to the magnificent backwaters of Kerala..The backwaters around Kollam, which extend from the Ashthamudi Lake, are exceedingly beautiful. The backwater tour from Kollam to Alappuzha is the longest cruise in Kerala. This boat ride from Kollam to Alappuzha takes 8 hours and is a delightful ride, with lotuses and water lilies growing in the water, water birds calling from the banks and otters splashing and playing in the water.

Kollam is renowned for its Cashew industry and used to be an important trade center during old days. Kollam also has a number of historical monuments and ancient ruins that give a mystical essence to this quiet little town. The Kollam backwaters are best explored on traditional Kerala houseboats known as "Kettuvalloms". These houseboats look traditional but are equipped with all modern facilities and you can have freshly-cooked, authentic Kerala cuisine as each houseboat In kerala has an on-board cook. So just sit back and relax on a comfortable couch while relishing yummy food and enjoying the sunset that paints the water golden, the best scenic beauty of Kerala tourism.

The backwaters of Kollam & Kerala Houseboat are a great way to observe nature flourishing in its best form here. The shores are lined with many trees and provides shelter to many exotic birds like cuckoos, egrets, ducks, etc. that come out in the water for an occasional swim. The water is a natural habitat for water plants like water lilies and lotus that add charm to the meandering waterways. There are small restaurants lined up on the shores where you can stop and have a taste of local cuisine

(Quilon) is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi lake and the eight-hour boat trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is the longest and most enchanting experience on the backwaters of Kerala. Kollam (Quilon) architectural remnants and a number of temples built in the traditional ornate style are the witness of the enchanting history of this town.

The ancient Sastha temple, which lends its name to the town, is an important pilgrim center. Mayyanad, 10 kms off south to Kollam town, is famous for her shrines and temples. The most important of the nine temples here is the Subramanya Temple at Umayanallor. Thangasseri, a seaside village five kms away from the town is of great historic importance with the remnants of the old Portuguese fort and church.

Oachira is noted for its Parabrahma temple where no deity or idol is consecrated, but is dedicated to the universal and transcendental consciousness. The Alaruvi waterfalls, 75 kms from Kollam town, make its way down the rocks from a height of 300 feet. The Palaruvi woods is a beautiful picnic spot